The world road transport organisation IRU was formed in 1948 to facilitate frictionless trade across Europe. Our brief for IRU was simple – help the organisation to become a thought leader, positioning is as a provocative, critical partner to the future of the industry around the world.

We designed an integrated communications, advocacy and marketing strategy. This included the development of consistent positioning and points of view, all brought together in a Content Playbook and messaging framework. This positioning has been adopted and deployed across the entire organisation.

We packaged these ‘real world’ issues – Brexit, emissions, EV and talent – to re-engage global tier one media and provide focus on the organisation’s advocacy activities. This helped IRU to speak with one voice around highly contentious issues, engage tier one media and move beyond communicating to take a more campaigning stance.

Our campaign to tackle driver shortages delivered widespread European media coverage – over 87 pieces across Europe and 10 media interviews. Off the back of the main media launch, IRU was able to set up a meeting with EU Commissioner Bulc. As a direct result of the media activity and lobbying, the EU Commission committed €60 million investment to upgrading safe and secure parking areas across Europe.

Following the campaign focus in Spain, the Spanish government approached IRU to discuss working together to solve the driver shortage.