We know first-hand from our work that it has never been tougher to cut through the noise and disinformation around climate change. 

When fake news and climate scepticism are rife, how can communications make a difference in the fight for a sustainable future?

To find out, we stepped away from our laptops and went into the field. We recruited a group of climate deniers as well as delayers – those who acknowledge the issue but downplay its severity – delving into the messages and spokespeople that resonate with them, and why. And we supplemented this by surveying a representative sample of consumers to understand wider trends.

The results are fascinating, worrying, even enraging – yet also illuminating.

We’ve outlined the main findings in our new report, Re-thinking climate communications. 

Read the full report here.

And watch our panel discussion with BBC presenter Ade Adepitan, environmental psychologist Prof. Lorraine Whitmarsh, Carbon Brief’s Dr. Simon Evans and climate activist Clover Hogan:    



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