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Be your organisation's 'mad scientist'

“Like and subscribe” – it’s “Amen” in the Church of Content. The often slightly anguished sign off you’ve heard countless times at the end of YouTube videos accompanied by a pointed finger aimed wherever the requisite button is off screen. …

17th Oct 2023
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Welcome to firstlight focus

Introducing the firstlight newsletter  Welcome to the first edition of firstlight focus, our monthly quest into the world of corporate communications. From Gary Lineker to the Pope, we’ve covered the highlights from our news radar this month, as well as a…

31st Mar 2023
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Tackling the climate crisis through comms

Over the last 2-3 years, we’ve worked more and more in the climate and sustainability space. And during this time I’ve had a feeling that’s been nagging at me – are we preaching to the choir? This was the opening…

23rd Feb 2023
Hot air: The balloons doing all the talking

Silence is golden. Saying what you mean can get right to the heart of an issue; dispel rumours, convey clarity, evoke emotion. But silence can often deliver a much more revealing, powerful message. It’s a dance, an orchestra, the closest…

17th Feb 2023
Communicating controversial decisions: learning lessons from Liz Truss

Another crazy week in Westminster. A hugely controversial economic package filled to the brim with tax cuts by the new Conversative leadership. A huge resistance from within, and outside of the party. And now an unforgettable U-turn reversing the 45p…

5th Oct 2022
Why Mike Lynch is a communications delight

“Richard, you do come up with the most remarkable twaddle sometimes.” That was one of my favourite lines this week from RMT boss Mike Lynch. He has been holding no prisoners during his media interviews around the nation’s rail strikes. …

24th Jun 2022
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Has Earth Day served its purpose?

When it comes to the climate crisis, there’s no shortage of problems to tackle. From damaging air pollution to fatal droughts, heatwaves, and wildfires – the need to inspire global action against the many challenges facing our planet is not…

22nd Apr 2022
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Internship insights

Conor joined firstlight in November 2021 as an intern and is now firstlight’s newest AE. Here he reveals the biggest lessons he learnt from his internship. The first few months I have spent in a public relations agency have been…

19th Apr 2022
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Delivering a new model for science communications, from pandemic to climate crisis

How we launched the Climate Crisis Advisory Group.

9th Feb 2022
Communications Sustainability
Can we solve the climate crisis without trust?

COP26 was one of the biggest media moments we’ve witnessed of late. It put world leaders under the microscope with the aim of unlocking the solutions to the greatest threat to humanity’s future – the climate crisis. Our client the…

26th Nov 2021
Time to cut the fringe

Misinformation and 'fake news' are nothing new, but they're particularly dangerous in the Covid age. Here, Zack shares his concerns around the media's approach to ‘experts’ during the pandemic.

5th Nov 2020