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Be your organisation's 'mad scientist'

“Like and subscribe” – it’s “Amen” in the Church of Content. The often slightly anguished sign off you’ve heard countless times at the end of YouTube videos accompanied by a pointed finger aimed wherever the requisite button is off screen. …

17th Oct 2023
Life in a post-Twitter world

Another day, another post on the ever-changing and ever-spiralling situation at Twitter.  With the business suddenly locking staff out of its offices until next week, it sadly does look as though Twitter is on its last legs, despite my earlier…

18th Nov 2022
Digital Tech, Innovation & Disruption
Flying solo and clipping wings: Elon Musk’s Twitter test flight has been a lesson in how not to do change communications

“We are excited to announce insulin is now free!” tweeted US pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly at the end of last week. Given the drug has become a poster child for big pharma price gouging, this news would’ve garnered shock and…

16th Nov 2022
Digital Tech, Innovation & Disruption
Never mind the bollocks, what’s up with the metaverse?

Games. Work. Education. The so-called metaverse has been tapped to transform them all, and more. But will it be evenly distributed? The metaverse is a fancy name for augmented and virtual-reality spaces, accessed (for the most part) via expensive headsets.…

3rd May 2022
Digital firstlight spotlight
firstlight spotlight: Neil Young

You probably know us for our brilliant client work, but who are the brave souls behind it all?  Every month we profile a member of our team so that you can find out more about us! #3 in the spotlight:…

15th Mar 2022
Influencers - the marketing superheroes in the trust economy

Last week I sat down with Alec Harden-Henry from Influence Network to talk about the power of influencers and how they’re key to unlocking trust. This year digital ad spend will equal other advertising spend globally for the first time ever.…

8th Sep 2021