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EVs - what’s the problem?

We all want to do our bit to tackle the climate crisis and help secure a brighter future for our planet, but exactly how far are we willing to go? We’re able to eat less meat. Commit to recycling our…

14th Jul 2023
Digital Tech, Innovation & Disruption
Flying solo and clipping wings: Elon Musk’s Twitter test flight has been a lesson in how not to do change communications

“We are excited to announce insulin is now free!” tweeted US pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly at the end of last week. Given the drug has become a poster child for big pharma price gouging, this news would’ve garnered shock and…

16th Nov 2022
Digital Tech, Innovation & Disruption
Never mind the bollocks, what’s up with the metaverse?

Games. Work. Education. The so-called metaverse has been tapped to transform them all, and more. But will it be evenly distributed? The metaverse is a fancy name for augmented and virtual-reality spaces, accessed (for the most part) via expensive headsets.…

3rd May 2022