You probably know us for our brilliant client work, but who are the brave souls behind it all? 

Every month we profile a member of our team so that you can find out more about us!

#2 in the spotlight: Isabella Iacovone

Isabella started her role as an account executive in June 2021, and now works across a range of diverse clients focused on sustainability, logistics and customer experience.

Tell us about your career to date?

I was doing an internship at a communications agency but wasn’t actively looking elsewhere, when I was approached by a recruiter who sang firstlight’s praises – so I had to look into the company! I immediately loved the diverse range of clients across sectors and was impressed by all the benefits on offer.

What do you like about working here?

The best part is definitely the people – everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other, which makes for a nice office environment and the socials are always a great time! They also really recognise and reward the hard work we all do, proven by our upcoming company trip to Paris which I’m very excited for.

Tell us about a campaign/piece of coverage/activity that you’ve worked on that you are particularly proud of?

I’m very proud to be part of the team that launched the Climate Crisis Advisory Group (CCAG). Since the launch in June last year, we’ve secured an impressive 1,956 pieces of coverage worldwide.  We’re building on that success this year, and kicked off our first CCAG public meeting of 2022 with excellent guests including George Monbiot and Kim Stanley-Robinson. Of course, behind the scenes there’s a lot of work involved! From script development to creating social posts, I’m learning so much and it’s been such a great experience to help CCAG grow from the beginning to where it is now.

You can see the highlights from the last meeting here:

What’s your most played album at the moment?

Recently I’ve had The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat – an album that never gets old.

What about your favourite food?

Oh definitely pasta. You can give me any kind, and I’ll be happy as can be. I’m half Italian so it’s in my DNA really.

Tell us something we don’t know about you

Hmmm, well, I can recite the alphabet backwards in about 2 seconds? And David Beckham once fetched a football for me to do a throw-in!

And finally (an easy one to end…!), tell us about your personal and professional ambitions for the year ahead?

Professionally, I’d like to continue working hard to progress in my career and keep up all the success for my clients alongside the rest of the firstlight family.

Personally, I didn’t get to travel at all last year so just stepping foot out of the UK would be a big success, ideally to a beach somewhere. I’d love to make it to Greece as I’ve never been, and after countless Mamma Mia! viewings it’s definitely been on my list for a while.

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