We are rebranding ourselves as firstlight group.

It’s a new name that better reflects the breadth of services we offer to our clients.

This is a natural evolution of our business as we’ve extended our support for clients in response to their changing needs.

In addition, it’s a recognition that our clients quite rightly demand more from their partner agency.  We love this.  And over the years we’ve found that we’re pretty good at identifying organisations that want to be bolder and braver – and more ambitious in their programmes.

This is professional Nirvana.  It means we’re often in a privileged position asked to advise as well as deliver activity that is tightly wedded to an organisation’s commercial objectives.

And, put simply, we felt that “public relations” no longer described the type of work we do, or the value that our clients tell us we deliver.

So from today we are being explicit about the services we provide.  They are: Consultancy, Communication and Content.  They naturally overlap and complement each other.

Of course, it’s not new.  I mean, it’s not even new for us.  We’ve been doing this since 2009 when we first started advising clients and backing ourselves to deliver.  It’s just that we’ve never been explicit about it before.  We’ve just got on with it.

But increasingly, clients tell us that they value what we think as much as what we do.  And when “what we do” spans press to policy and from data insights to digital delivery, it’s clear the old label no longer applies.

Let’s be clear.  Our heritage will always be rooted in helping clients create compelling points of difference that help further their growth ambitions.  And we’re not going to become a bigger agency overnight – although we will be investing in new hires as we grow and add to our offer as well as deepening our partnerships with other disciplines.

But alongside this, many things won’t change.  We’ll carry on delivering the same strategic – and commercial – counsel backed by a ferocious tenacity to get results that matter.

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