“Richard, you do come up with the most remarkable twaddle sometimes.” That was one of my favourite lines this week from RMT boss Mike Lynch. He has been holding no prisoners during his media interviews around the nation’s rail strikes. 

Love him or loathe him, this week Mike Lynch has been a shining example of how to communicate effectively. Here’s why.

  • He talks clearly and authentically – Lynch’s laid back confidence immediately makes you want to listen to him. He talks at a calm, slow pace and takes pauses between sentences. He doesn’t use jargon or unnecessarily fancy words and he sounds like he’s having a conversation, not reading a script. His authentic style is a breath of fresh air compared to the meandering, vague and often confusing answers given by many a politician.
  • He’s relatable – “I’m a working class bloke”, “the whole country is suffering”, “employers are driving down wages and making the working class poorer and poorer”. Those are just some of the quotes from his interviews this week. By drawing comparisons with millions of workers across the country, he has brought people facing similar challenges onto his side. He’s reframed the debate from entitled railway workers demanding more to ordinary people fighting for justice.
  • He takes control of the interview – Not that we’d ever recommend telling an interviewer they’re talking ‘twaddle’, but what Lynch does so well is grab hold of the interview with both hands. He’s not afraid to challenge questions or ask questions back to the interviewer. He makes sure he directs the interview to suit him.
  • He backs up his points with numbers – “The chief of Network Rail is on £600,000 a year….The railways made £500 million pounds of profit last year when fares and passengers were at an all-time low.” Throwing in a few facts and figures can be a powerful way to demonstrate your point and put issues into context. 
  • He bridges beautifully – When asked whether he was concerned about pay rises leading to inflation, Lynch didn’t hesitate to get the interview back onto his key messages – that the rich are depressing the wages of the poor. Bridging from what you’re asked to what you want to talk about is a real skill, and one he’s mastered. See the clip here.

Take a look at him in all his glory in this montage. He may not have won the dispute war yet but when it comes to communication, he’s emerged victorious.

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